Standing Committee member nominations

The following ACC Members are standing for election to the ACC Standing Committee.

Voting slips will be completed at 4pm on Friday 17 February and guidance will be given by the Presiding Officer, Mr Darren Oliver, beforehand.

Results will be announced on Saturday.

The Reverend Dr Andrew Atherstone
The Church of England

First Nominator: The Revd Wendy Scott
The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

Second Nominator: The Revd Mansita Sangi
Igreja Anglicana de Mocambique e Angola


My origins are in KwaZulu-Natal, in the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, but the Church of England has been my adopted home for 40 years.

I teach at a seminary / theological college, helping to train clergy and laity for local and global contexts, and am keen to invest in collaborative theological training across the Anglican Communion.

I am particularly interested in the polity and history and mission of global Anglicanism, and would like to help work towards renewed and equitable structures which support Anglican relationships over the coming years.

I enjoy writing books about Anglicanism, including a biography of Archbishop Justin and, most recently, a study of Alpha, a global evangelism programme born in Anglicanism.

The Right Reverend Mugenyi William Bahemuka
The Province of the Anglican Church of Congo

First Nominator: The Most Revd Jackson Ole Sapit
The Anglican Church of Kenya

Second Nominator: The Revd Marnie Peterson
The Anglican Church of Canada


I am called William, the bishop of Boga Diocese in the Anglican Church of Congo. Born on the 27th October 1960, I am the first in the family of 13. I had a very weak and unhealthy childhood, suffering from asthma. I grow up knowing with my parents that I will not survive. That developed 3 qualities in my life: 1. a friend of everyone for survival, 2. very smart and best at school, and 3. a friend of Jesus.

Those qualities remained and shaped my life even when I got a miraculous healing from asthma. I happen to be a bishop who came direct from the Youth Ministry. I had not experience of a parish life or a theological seminary or university where most bishops come from. This ministry also shaped other characters in my life and ministry: 1. Flexibility 2. Humility 3. Patience.

In addition to that my degrees, BA Education, BA Theology, MA Theology and multiple languages open gates to my ministry. The Anglican Communion is in a situation where it needs those qualities. That’s why I feel that I can bring a humble contribution as a member of the ACC Standing Committee. May God bless us!

The Reverend Inamar Correa de Souza
Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil

First Nominator: The Most Revd Hosam Naoum
Jerusalem and the Middle East

Second Nominator: Joyce Haji Liundi
The Anglican Church of Tanzania


I am a priest in the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil for 23 years. I work in a parish in the centre of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I am the former Dean of the Cathedral in Rio de Janeiro.

I have been chaplain for Anglican Women Movement in Brazil and I have served as a representative of the Province for the United Nations Commission on Status of Women for 4 years.

I was a youth representative for WCC at Harare Assembly in 1998 and I was elected for Central Committee and executive committee until 2006.

I am the Vice-President of the National Board of Theological Education for an 8 year period.

I attended the Lambeth Conference in 2022 in the Spouses Programme and now I am committed to Phase 3 within the Lusophone Network.

I have just served on the ACC Standing Committee for the past 18 months as a substitute.

The Reverend Tsz Leung Billy Ip
Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui

First Nominator: The Most Revd Paul Kwong
Chair, Hong Kong

Second Nominator: Jeroham Melendez
Anglican Church of the Central America Region


I, Tsz Leung Billy Ip, would like to nominate myself for the open position of a member of the Standing Committee of the ACC.

As the vicar of Sheng Kung Hui Holy Spirit Church in Hong Kong. I work with my colleagues to teach and care for the parishioners. I also participate in the work of the four schools in the parish. School management is my responsibility, but what I enjoy the most is to share Christian faith and life experiences with children and young people, and grow together with them.

At the diocesan level, I am a member of the Standing Committee, not only focusing on youth work, but also help planning the development of other parishes. As for the province, I am member of the Commission on Theological Education, Commission on Liturgy, Commission on Pastoral Care, and the chaplain to the Women’s League. I also represent the Anglican Church in Hong Kong as a board member of Hong Kong Christian Council and help promoting co-operation and unity among denominations.

If elected, I will be able to share and support in the Communion, as well as contribute to educational affairs and nurturing program development.

Canon Andrew Khoo Chin Hock
The Anglican Church of the Province of South East Asia

First Nominator: Sar Kabaw Htoo
The Church of the Province of Myanmar

Second Nominator: Joel Kelling
Jerusalem and the Middle East


Born in Kuala Lumpur, I studied in Malaysia, Singapore and England. I graduated in law and history/philosophy of religion from King’s College London. I have been called to the Bar of England and Wales, and Malaysia. I became an Anglican at university, and was a member of All Souls Church Langham Place for eight years.

After my professional exams, I joined a Canadian-UK mission agency and worked as a relief and rehabilitation project for internally-displaced persons with the Diocese of Northern Uganda in Gulu for a year. I subsequently served voluntarily as a director / trustee of their UK charitable company.

I commenced legal practice in Malaysia in 1995. Having served in my Parochial Church Council and Diocesan Synod, I was appointed Chancellor of the Diocese of West Malaysia (DWM) in September 2001, a position I still hold today. I was collated a Lay Canon in 2011. I also served for eight years as Chancellor of the Province of South East Asia. For about a decade I co-ordinated DWM’s partnership with the Church of the Province of Myanmar.

I am a trustee of the Anglican Alliance. During the pandemic I supported their Covid-19 Task Force. I am a member of the Safe Church Commission. I am Vice-Chair of Asia CMS, the legal entity set up to co-ordinate the work of CSM in Asia.

My legal practice today focuses on human rights and public advocacy, specifically civil / political rights, religious freedom, anti-trafficking in persons, the Universal Periodic Review process at the United Nations in Geneva, business and human rights, and sustainable development goals. I co-chaired the Malaysian Bar Council’s Human Rights Committee for nine years, and now co-chair its Constitutional Law Committee.

I am married to Yvonne, and we have three adult children. And two dogs.

The Reverend Canon Ranjit K. Mathews
The Episcopal Church

First Nominator: The Revd Canon Geoffrey Mungai
The Anglican Church of Kenya

Second Nominator: Cyprian Dong Kyun Oh
The Anglican Church in Korea


My name is Revd Canon Ranjit K. Mathews, and I am the clergy representative from The Episcopal Church to the Anglican Consultative Council. I submit my name for nomination to serve on the standing committee of the ACC. I serve on the Bishop’s staff of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut as Canon for Mission Advocacy, Racial Justice, and Reconciliation. This work is relevant because I understand how our colonial history has impacted ministry in the United States. Moreover, because of my Indian American identity, I understand how colonialism impacts our broader Anglican world. I believe this broader lens is critical for the next iteration of the ACC standing committee and how it is configured for a changing world. Also my positions means that I need to have a systems wide focus and recognize the intersectionality of different justice issues. In the work to pursue the 5 Marks of Mission, this approach would be integral.

As the Presiding Bishop’s former Partnership Officer for Africa, I sat in on spaces where our ministry as the Episcopal Church has engaged Anglican Churches, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. I also served as a volunteer for mission in Cape Town, South Africa during the HIV/AIDS pandemic and a theology teacher at an Msalato Theological College (now a part of St. John’s University) in Dodoma, Tanzania. These rich and challenging experiences have helped me understand and to move with a more nuanced and deeper understanding of God’s mission of restoration and reconciliation. These particular experiences have helped me to appreciate our interdependence as provinces and the tension of pursuing unity within our diversity. I’m happily married to my wife, Johanna, and we delight in our two children, Dhruv and Kabir and live in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

I hope you will prayerfully consider my nomination.

Aishi Sama Drong
The Church of Bangladesh

First Nominator: Clifton Nedd
The Church in the Province of the West Indies

Second Nominator: The Revd Heidin Kunoo
Youth member


I am Aishi Sama Drong and I am from the St. Andrews Church of Bangladesh. My journey with Christ started when my mom took me to Sunday School every Sunday where I used to listen to stories about Jesus and learn how to be a good disciple of Jesus. I have always believed that through Jesus all things are possible. Now I am an active member of youth group called (BBJS) Bishop Blear Jubo Shonggho in our church.

Every week we do bible studies and learn about safe church.

I love going to church every Sunday and love reading bible. Every day I try to spend some time for praying, reading bible and singing hymn.

I would like to bring the voices of more young people to the next ACC and to share the information from ACC with them so that they can learn more about Anglican Churches around the world and to experience more diversity.

I am excited about starting my undergraduate degree in International Relations in September of this year. This will help me to engage with other young people. I am also happy to now be part of the youth network where I am able to connect with young people from around the communion and hopefully carry their voices to ACC standing committee if I am elected.

The Reverend Wendy Scott
The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

First Nominator: The Revd Canon Isaac Beach
The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

Second Nominator: The Most Revd Kay Goldsworthy
The Anglican Church of Australia


This is my second experience of attending ACC for our province. What I believe I could offer ACC is a passion filled life for the Gospel lived out as a priest on the life of our Church, in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia and the wider Communion. I’ve served to the best of my ability at all levels of our Church, local, diocesan and provincial roles where I have sought to ask the simple questions that often are the most relevant.

I have a heart for the vulnerable in our world and how we can be God’s agents and transformers with the Gospel and the actions of Christ to motivate us to bring God’s Justice to our lands.

I pray that by giving me this opportunity to serve I will bring a strong voice to make a difference for God’s Kingdom.