The programme for ACC-18 is set out below and in the following pages, and can also be found in the printed programmes which members will be given on arrival.

Click the links below for each day’s agenda.

Reports and supporting papers can be found by clicking the Session links on each day’s agenda, and by clicking the links below the daily schedule.

Daily Schedules

Day 1: Sunday 12 February – Tell  

Daily Schedule  

Session 1  
General guidance notes will be available here. 

Session 2 
Presidential Address 
The text of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Presidential Address will be available here shortly after delivery. 

Day 2: Monday 13 February – Teach  

Daily Schedule  

Session 3 
Intentional Discipleship (Evangelism and Discipleship Commission) 
Theological Education 
Anglican Communion Science Commission 

Session 4: 
Standing Committee report & update on progress with ACC17 resolutions 
Secretary General’s update 
New Networks and Commissions 

Session 5 
Church Planting (Evangelism and Discipleship Commission) 
Anglican Communion Safe Church Commission 

Day 3: Tuesday 14 February – Tend 

Daily Schedule  

Session 6 
Inter Anglican Family Network 
Anglican Health and Community Network 
Anglican Alliance 

Session 7 
Unity, Faith and Order 
(including Inter-Anglican Standing Committee on Unity, Faith and Order) 

Anglican Interfaith Commission 

Session 8 
Legal Advisers Network (Canon Law) 
Liturgical Commission 
Colleges & Universities of the Anglican Communion 

Day 4: Wednesday 15 February – Visit to Cape Coast Castle  

Daily Schedule  

Day 5: Thursday 16 February – Transform  

Daily Schedule  

Session 9 
Gender Justice 
International Anglican Women’s Network 
Anglican Peace and Justice Network 

Session 10 
Ecumenical Relationships and Dialogues 

Day 6: Friday 17 February – Treasure  

Daily Schedule  

Session 11 
Anglican Communion Environment Network 
Anglican Indigenous Network 
Anglican Communion Office at the United Nations 

Session 12 
Anglican Communion Youth Network 
The Lusphone Network 
The Francophone Network 

Information and guidance about the elections for a new Chair, Vice Chair and five Standing Committee members will be available here 

Day 7: Saturday 18 February  

Daily Schedule  

Session 13 
Lambeth Conference Phase 3 

Day 8: Sunday 19 February 

Full List of Reports to ACC