ACC Members

The Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion comprises the President, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Chair, Vice Chair, and seven other members elected by and from members of the Anglican Consultative Council, and five members elected by and from the Primates’ Meeting, to represent different regions of the Anglican Communion.

You can download a full list of ACC members by clicking here.

The current members of the Anglican Communion Standing Committee are:

The Most Reverend Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury

The Most Reverend Paul Kwong*

Vice Chair:
Canon Maggie Swinson*

Regionally-elected Primates:

The Most Reverend Jackson Ole Sapit
The Anglican Church of Kenya

The Most Reverend Linda Nicholls
The Anglican Church of Canada

The Most Reverend John McDowell
The Church of Ireland

Middle East and South Asia
The Most Reverend Azad Marshall
The united Church of Pakistan

Oceania and East Asia
The Most Reverend Philip Richardson
The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

Elected by ACC members:

The Reverend Inamar Correa de Souza
Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil

Mr Alistair Dinnie*
Scottish Episcopal Church

Mrs Joyce Haji Liundi
Anglican Church of Tanzania

Ms Basetsana Makena*
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

Mr Jeroham Melendez*
Anglican Church of the Region of Central America

The Right Reverend Joel Waweru Mwangi*
Anglican Church of Kenya

The Most Reverend Hosam Naoum
Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

* These members’ terms of office expire at the conclusion of the ACC-18 meeting